Commercial Vehicle Repair - K2 recovery
Commercial Vehicle Repair - K2 recovery


Commercial Vehicle Repair - K2 recovery

At K2 Recovery we are equipped, qualified and experienced to provide a superb repair service for all makes and models – and in almost every case, we will do it for a lot less than the main dealer.

We have been in business for 8 years offering a fully comprehensive maintenance service for the road haulage industry. Just as you are professional to your business we at K2 Recovery through years of experience in truck repair we maintain all our customers vehicles to a very high standard of repair but still manage to keep costs down By choosing K2 as your preferred repairer when you call you get somebody who knows what you’re talking about and knows how to assist with your request.

Our workshops consist of two large pits, two hydraulic lifts and floor space for another six vehicles, we also have a large outdoor secured parking area.

Our Workshop Never Stops, we offer full services during business hours and the basic yet necessary ones for those who come to us out of business hours.

Our professional and well-trained technicians are familiar with a wide range of services and repairs including addressing problems that require mechanical, electrical and welding solutions.

We know how to service or repair all types and models of vehicle. It does not matter if you have a motorbike, automobile, luxury car or even a light commercial vehicle; we know how to fix it in accordance with the standards outlined by the Ministry of Transport.
We offer fixed price inspections within the price we will carry out small repairs, check oil and water levels and grease all points, we will also alert you immediately regarding any defects that may cause us concern.

Commercial Vehicle Repair - K2 recovery


Commercial Vehicle Repair - K2 recovery

We also offer our expert services if you need repairs to your vehicle’s clutch, MOT, exhaust, tyres, brakes, shock absorbers or batteries. We can also replace faulty original parts with manufacturer’s parts so the warranty on your vehicle will not be voided.

We Take Care of Our Customers; Most of the work we do is either for customers whose vehicles we have serviced in the past or new ones who have been referred to us by our army of satisfied customers. That should tell you we are serious about our business.

We make sure our jobs are performed in accordance with the highest local and international standards and we will not offer you any repair or service if we do not think it is necessary.

We have also a no waiting policy so if your vehicle comes in with a fault we will check diagnose and repair it right away if possible so your truck is back on the road right away or we will inform so you know what to plan for. We consult with our customers regularly regarding future repair costs and vehicle viability and reliability.