Both of my headlights blew while driving down the A1 at 10 at night. This led to me having to pull over into a lay-by near a construction site entrance.... read more

Rebecca Kemp Avatar Rebecca Kemp

Just want to say a huge thank you to Dean from K2. Broke down on the m27. Arrived promptly. Took me and the car to a safe place and even... read more

Shaun Bingham Avatar Shaun Bingham

I broke down near Newmarket. A chap called Craig assisted me and was extremely helpful and friendly, and made a stressful situation suddenly seem not so bad at all! He... read more

Ben Sale Avatar Ben Sale

They we're really quick to get our car off the motorway. Really friendly too, highly recommended!

Alina Avatar Alina

We had an accident on the A3 near the M25. Left in a vulnerable position due to the roadworks. Dean and Andy spotted our situation and came quickly to help.... read more

Melanie Eckert Avatar Melanie Eckert

Dean saved my life and my car (which has severely overheated) on the M25 where AA and RAC couldn’t reach me. He was efficient and very polite! He reassured me... read more

Amy Ohio Avatar Amy Ohio

Fantastic service.. broke down on m20 and within 30 mins they where on the scene after not being able to get through to skoda assist. Fantastic

James Cowan Avatar James Cowan

What fantastic service provided by Dean, at K2 yesterday. He rescued me from a dangerous part of the M25 yesterday morning. He was reassuring and friendly, after being being stranded... read more

Maggie Thompson Avatar Maggie Thompson

I broke down off junction 3 of a14 and managed to get my car just on to the A6.i called k2 recovery and dealt with a lady called Claire. She... read more

Linda Willis Avatar Linda Willis

My tyre went flat on the m27 and within minutes a very helpful man called J.R showed up and recovered my vehicle safely. We was fast and polite and couldn’t... read more

Harvey Coombes Avatar Harvey Coombes

Matt and Rick were great in getting me to a safe place when the ball joint on my classic mini worked loose. So friendly and caring. Made me feel at... read more

George Parkinson Avatar George Parkinson

After breaking down in a live lane with no hard shoulder due to road works on the m25 with 3 young children in the car, we were very efficiently rescued... read more

Donna Vickers Avatar Donna Vickers

After my breakdown this morning on the A14, K2 recovery (dean and Charlie ) were with me in no time at all (20 mins from breakdown ) I was loaded... read more

Kevin Tadgell Avatar Kevin Tadgell

Broken down on Christmas Eve on a busy motorway carriage way. Massive thank you to Nav ! For coming to recover me efficiently and made me feel safe at all... read more

Jensen Coley Avatar Jensen Coley

My tyre blew out on the M42 within the roadworks which left me stranded with my 1 year old daughter at the side of the road. James Robinson arrived incredibly... read more

Jennifer H Avatar Jennifer H

My car overheated on the M27 right in the middle of the improvement works. J.R. came along to rescue me in good time. He was friendly and professional and got... read more

Alex Paton Avatar Alex Paton

We ad a puncture on road works on M42. We were picked up by James Robinson. He arrived promptly and got us moved safe to a safe place. He was... read more

Paul Garwood Avatar Paul Garwood

My car broke down between the m25 and a3 and Dean was with me in less than 20 minutes of the breakdown. He could see I was clearly stressed (and... read more

Mia Kruger Avatar Mia Kruger

We had broken down on the M6 as the exhaust had come loose and had lodged underneath the car. Darren arrived within 10 minutes and was very, professional, upbeat and... read more

Tamara Sandbach Avatar Tamara Sandbach

Recovered my daughter and her car from the M20 very quickly. Took her and her car to a local garage so she could get the blown tyre replaced. Dean... read more

Stephen Ashby Avatar Stephen Ashby

Really friendly, and quick....helpful recovery driver (dean) , kept my daughter calm, informative, great staff in the office too, really helpful at emptying and packing up the stuff... read more

Jennine Bierton Avatar Jennine Bierton

Although visits to facilities like this are invariably associated with trauma - stolen car, car crash on the motorway etc, the staff at this recovery centre couldn't be nicer or... read more

Diane Avatar Diane

This morning i had a complete flat tyre while driving on the a3 and was panicking as there was no hard shoulder for me to wait in. Then Dean from... read more

Melissa Ozkaynak Avatar Melissa Ozkaynak

Broken down for the first time in the middle of the A3. Dean arrived and the first thing he did was make sure I was okay and safe. He then... read more

Alex Gale Avatar Alex Gale